Join Quentin as he shares his rapid ascent to Logistics Manager at AB InBev Luxembourg, highlighting how the company's vibrant culture fueled his remarkable professional journey. Discover his insights on teamwork and leadership. 

My name is Quentin, I’m 24 years old, and based in Luxembourg. With a background in engineering and management, I sought to kickstart my career in a vibrant and opportunity-filled environment. What better place than AB InBev for a supply management traineeship? That's what I thought! I began with an internship at the Leuven brewery in the Energy & Fluids department, followed by the supply management traineeship in BENEFRALUX. Throughout this traineeship, I had the chance to explore multiple breweries and grasp the entire supply chain, from procurement to logistics. After six intense months of projects, I seized the incredible opportunity to become the Logistics Manager of Luxembourg! 

How has ABI's culture and vision contributed to your professional growth?;

ABI resonated with me right from the start. While researching various company cultures, ABI stood out for its drive and passion. It absolutely lived up to my expectations during my initial days. I vividly recall seeing the passion in everyone's presentations. The dedication and support from senior leadership in assisting and guiding newcomers were exceptional. From my first week onward, I had the chance to take charge of a complete project and received support whenever needed. Thanks to the opportunities offered, the encouragement to think big, take ownership, and collaborate, I grew not only professionally but also personally. 

What do you consider as your most significant accomplishment or contribution in your role as a Logistics Manager?; 

Stepping into the role of a logistics manager was a daily rollercoaster of experiences, filled with challenges and successes. Leading a team of both white and blue-collar workers and having P&L responsibility at 24 was precisely why I joined ABI! My primary goal was to build a cohesive team dedicated to contributing to ABI's future. I firmly believe that a well-aligned team can achieve remarkable feats. Working collectively, my team consistently delivers exceptional service levels, driven by mutual motivation and support. If there's one thing I'm immensely proud of, it's my team!  

How do you foster a culture of collaboration and excellence within your logistics team?;

Creating a culture of collaboration and excellence is fundamental to my role as a logistics leader. Our team has achieved outstanding results through everyone's collaboration and collective knowledge. With team members hailing from diverse cultures and backgrounds, our team is stronger, bringing forth the values of each individual's heritage. By fostering a culture of respect and continuous improvement within Logistics Luxembourg, we've grown together as a team and as individuals. I'm thrilled to say that we're not just a team; we're a happy, cohesive unit dedicated to serving our clients! 

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