Read an interview with Sven and his creative idea - "Hertog Jan Blikvanger"  

My name is Sven Verhoeven, I am 29 years old, and I currently live in the beautiful small town of Gorinchem. My path crossed with AB InBev when I landed an exciting internship with the Jupiler Brand Management department during my college days. That experience not only taught me a ton but also showed me that AB InBev's company culture was a perfect fit for me. After wrapping up my master's degree in Marketing Management, I joined the AB InBev family. Fueled by my passion for sales and marketing, I started as an Account Manager in the On Trade channel and later stepped into the role of Trade Marketing Executive in the Off Trade channel. These days, you will find me as Field Sales Manager Off Trade, where I get to lead, motivate, and develop a fantastic team of account managers. Together with my counterpart, I am also in charge of crafting strategic plans for the field and turning them into real-life goals focused on boosting volume and value. With my team, we make sure we execute our business plans to perfection and strive to keep our customers as happy as can be! 

Tell us about your experience working with our brands and what is your favorite beer brand in our portfolio?;

Working with our incredible brands has been an absolute blast. They are not just beverages; they are the life of the party, and they bring people together like nothing else. It is a real joy to see the brands I work with every day out there in the world. You can feel the impact you are making on the entire portfolio. When it comes to picking a favorite, I must give a shout-out to my local love, Tripel Karmeliet, but you cannot go wrong with global classics like Stella Artois or Corona, especially when you're on holiday! 

Tell us more about the “Blikvanger”; 

As of this year, a deposit has been implemented on cans in the Netherlands, a significant step in curbing litter and advancing can recycling. Naturally, I was very enthusiastic, but this new law also did bring its fair share of challenges. That is where the 'Hertog Jan Blikvanger' comes into play – it is a nifty bag designed to hold 24 empty cans snugly, thanks to some clever dividers that keep everything upright. And the best part? Once all those cans are back where they belong, you can fold up those dividers, and ta-da, you've got yourself a cool bag to use! Our goal was to make life easier for consumers, and this solution totally nails it. It's perfect for storing and returning empty cans, and it's also a great companion for a sunny day in the park. Long story short, it's been a big hit, and we've had tons of demand from both retailers and consumers to expand this awesome activation.  

What you consider to be the biggest strength of working in a diverse workplace?;

Working in a diverse workplace is like having a treasure trove of different perspectives. It's all about having open conversations and collaborating with colleagues from varied backgrounds. This approach helps us come up with some seriously great solutions to tackle even the trickiest challenges.