Chernihivske is the most popular and favorite beer for millions of  Ukrainians.

It is named after city Chernihiv, the location of the first brewery that produced Chernihivske, although the beer is also produced nowadays in the Ukrainian cities of Mykolaiv and Kharkiv. 

In 2018 Chernihivske celebrates its 30th anniversary. Chernihivske appeared as a gift from the brewery to its native town Chernihiv in 1988, when the city celebrated its 1300th anniversary. Chernihivske was the first beer in the USSR, which recipe was developed according to the European standards.

About Chernihivske

Today Chernihivske is market leader in Ukraine and a beer we’re proud to say we produce. 

The  quality of the beer is guaranteed by the use  of more environmentally friendly technology and clean production in combination with the sole use of high quality ingredients specially selected for their properties. 

Malt is made exclusively from Ukrainian barley on malting plants in the Chernihiv and Kharkiv branches.  

In 2003, the first unfiltered beer was produced in Ukraine – Chernihivske Bile.  

In June 2004, the Chernihivske’s range was bolstered  with a new beer vareity, which was named ‘Bila Nich’ –  a dark unfiltered beer with a special rich taste. 

In the fall of 2008, Chernihivske became the premium sponsor of the Ukrainian National Football Team.  This was an important step in the development of the brand’s sport platform.  

In 2010 Chernihivske got a new status an official sponsor of  FIFA World Cup 2010 which was held in Ukraine and became the first Ukrainian FIFA brand-partner. 

In 2011-2012, Chernihivske started to talk about Ukrainian national identity and history.  A special TV commercial "Chernihivske  born in Ukraine" was created. It touched the themes of patriotism, courage, the thirst for life with the taste of freedom. The new Core Creative Idea had positive effect on brand Equity, as Chernihivske was the first brand covering the concept of Ukrainian Pride in 2011-2012 and became a brand that unites Ukrainians and is worth being proud of.


The year the first Chernihivske was poured


Chernihivske celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018


The alcohol by volume of Chernihivske

Rebirth of the largest beer brand in Ukraine

In 2016 to defend the brand’s leadership and grow a process of brand revitalization began. 

Chernihivske – is self-made brand that has stayed true to its roots over the years. It is similar to your regularUkrainian:  overcoming the odds to achieve something extraordinary. 

Chernihivske managed to become a Great Ukrainian brand from a small, unknown regional brewery in 30 years, due to belief in our beer and our ways of doing business. Indeed the brand continues to make strides today.   

The new campaign launched under the motto “I believe I can!”  inspires people to believe in their strength to achieve goals.  What’s more Chernihivske wanted to become more attractive to its loyal and potential consumers. Therefore, in 2017 we launched a radical brand redesign: The new packaging is bright in nature, with an emphasis on history, brewing traditions and our brand principles. 


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