Discover the answers to the most common questions asked about our programmes.

About AB InBev and the Programmes

What is the work environment like at AB InBev? 
Check out our Our Culture page , to find out more about AB InBev as a company and our working culture and environment. 

Which locations are the programmes offered in? 
Our 4 programmes are offered in different countries across Europe. You can check where we offer which programme by going to the Programme Page on checking the different programmes. 

I can't find how to apply for the programme in the country where I want to apply. Where else can I look? 
Not all programmes are offered in all countries. If you do not find the programme of your choice in a specific country in Europe, it either means that we don’t offer the programme here, or that the applications have been closed. 

If you are looking for Graduate Programmes outside of Europe, please visit our Global careers portal

What are the minimum requirements for entry onto the programmes? 
It varies depending on the programme. You can check the minimum requirements for each programme in the individual programme pages. 

Do you accept international applications? 
Yes, we do. However, you'll need to prove your right to work in the country that you're applying to, as we are not able to sponsor work visas. 

Do you offer internships? 
We have various internships available, within different functions and all over Europe. Please go to the job search and look for internships. 

Are these programmes the only opportunities you offer for graduates? 
No, we also have a great number of open entry level roles across Europe. You can find these on our European careers portal and on our LinkedIn page

Application and Selection Process

When can I apply for the programmes? 
The application period for our programmes is typically open between September and May, but some programmes can close early if positions have been filled. The earlier you apply the better, as some programmes do get filled fast. 

Once Applications open, please check the 'Apply now' button on each individual programme page to check if we're currently accepting applications in your country of interest. 

How long does the application process take? 
We strive to give all applicants feedback as soon as possible. Feedback on the assessment and video interview is given shortly after the activity is completed. An invitation to ABI Day and Final Panel can take some more time, up to 1 month. 

On average – there are 50 days between initial application and Final Panel. Due to high application numbers, some delays can happen. In such case, we will inform you about this delay. If you have any question about the status of your application, please reach out to bestbeerjob@ab-inbev.com. 

Can I apply to more than one programme at a time? 
Please be advised that you will only be considered for the first application you submit, therefore please make sure you are completely happy with your choice as this decision is final. 

How can I apply? 
Once Applications open, please click the 'Apply now' button on the top right and look for the programme of your choice. 

I have applied for one of the programmes in a specific location/country, but I have changed my mind with regards to the country. Can I change my application? 
Please let our recruitment team know, alongside with the reason for the change. If your chosen programme is still open in the new location you wish to apply for, we will be happy to consider the application. You can get in touch with our recruitment team via bestbeerjob@ab-inbev.com. 

When will I hear if my application has been successful or not? 
Once we start the recruitment process in your chosen country and programme; we will process your application as soon as you apply and within the same week you should know if you are moving forward after each step or not. 

If I’m successful, when will I start the programme? 
All the graduate programmes start at end of August each year. You'll be able to check the start dates on the job descriptions. 

If my application has not been successful, can I apply again or to another programme? 
Yes, however not until the following year/cycle. In addition, our programmes are not the only way to start your career with AB InBev, also check out our other opportunities available at our European careers portal and on our LinkedIn page

If I don't pass an online test or the online test expires, can I re-apply? 
As specific programmes and locations get filled fast, we advise you to try your best to complete all steps as soon as you are invited. The earlier you complete these, the higher the chance is to gain a place in your chosen programme and location. However, if any special situation happened and you couldn’t complete a stage, you can contact back the recruitment team for another chance. 

If you did not pass the test, you can apply again, but not until the following year/cycle. 

If I cannot attend the assessment day I have been invited to, will I be invited again? How can I participate in another assessment day apart from the one I have been invited to? 
The earlier you take part on our assessment day, the higher the chance is to gain a place in your chosen programme and location; some can get filled fast, so we advise you to try your best to attend the date you have been invited to. However, if you cannot attend, please do let us know beforehand and we’ll try our best to invite you to the next available date if the programme is still open.